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mother of four RRML students

“Red Rose Music Lab has had a big impact on our whole family. My four kids, each with their own musical preferences and style, have found classes that excite and motivate them. My kids look forward to their music lessons and band rehearsals, and we love that music that fills our home as they practice throughout the week. My husband and I are enjoying connecting with our kids through music and have loved starting to play and sing together at home.

“As a busy family of six, I love how RRML works with us to make our four kids’ music lessons and band rehearsals fit our schedule throughout the changing school year. The folks at RRML have a great balance of helping the kids achieve their learning goals at a pace that keeps them engaged without feeling pressured. And the multi-family member discount makes it easy to support all of our kids’ musical pursuits. I appreciate the practical ways RRML looks out for its students and families.

“Because of RRML, I’ve been watching my kids grow in their musical skill, but also in their collaboration skills. Working together on a sound engineering project or learning a song as a band is helping them become better at listening to others, sharing creative ideas, and supporting one another. RRML isn’t just helping my kids become better musicians, it’s helping them become better people.”


age 9

“I like playing the songs and my teacher is so nice. I’m happy and proud of myself for learning an instrument.”


age 11

“The teachers are really fun and do a great job teaching. They give you fun songs to practice and I really like working on learning them.”


age 13

“It's really fun! I like the teachers and the other students. I like meeting people who like making music together and, honestly, I feel more confident since joining the band.”


age 16

“I really like RRML’s audio production class because it met me at my skill level. The teacher Branden is so helpful and has good vibes all around. The classes offer a lot of autonomy and room to take control of your own experiences and projects, which has made me a better and more creative producer. I look forward to my classes each week to continue working on my projects and hang out with Branden and my classmates.”

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